Comeytrowe Community Hall Standard Conditions of Hire, version 10/21, published 11 April 2021


You are over eighteen years old and accept responsibility for being in charge of the premises during your hire and for ensuring that these Standard Conditions are met.

Responsibilities of Supervision

During your hire you are responsible for:

  • Looking after the premises
  • Making sure no damage occurs
  • The behaviour of everyone at your event

You agree to make good or pay for any loss or damage to the premises, fixtures or contents, (including accidental and malicious damage). You should consider whether you need to take out insurance to cover this liability.  We reserve the right to terminate any function early in the case of unruly, disorderly or unseemly behaviour.

Use of Premises

You must not:

  • Use the premises for any purpose other than that stated in the Agreement
  • Sub-hire the premises
  • Allow anything unlawful to happen on the premises eg smoking, illegal drugs
  • Bring in anything which may endanger the premises or render invalid our insurance policy
  • Hire a bouncy castle unless the owner has their own appropriate insurance
  • Contravene the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries
  • Bring in or use any highly flammable substances
  • Use smoke effect without checking first their suitability and safety
  • Use any unauthorised heating appliances
  • Use nails, screws or sticky tape to affix notices

You must:

  • Ensure that noise is kept to a minimum especially late at night
  • Ensure no-one attending consumes excessive amounts of alcohol resulting in drunk or disorderly behavior
  • Ensure that any electrical appliances brought by you to the premises are safe
  • Ensure that Assistance Dogs are allowed onto the premises with their owners
  • Report to our Booking Secretary as soon as possible after your hire any failure of our equipment or any accidents involving injury to the public
  • Keep Fire Exits clear of all obstructions

Music, Film and Copyright

This Agreement confers our written permission for the performance of live and recorded music on the premises and for you to show a film.  However you must ensure that relevant licences are held. Please ask our Booking Secretary if you are unsure.


Main Hall20 folding tables, each seating up to 8 people, 140 chairs
Main Hall – KitchenA cooker with two ovens; industrial style fridge; microwave; large electric water heater, 2 electric kettles, some teapots, jugs and trays; 30 each of teacups, saucers, teaplates, dinner plates, pudding bowls, wineglasses, tumblers and sets of cutlery. Further crockery may be available on request – please speak to us about your needs when booking.
Please DO NOT turn off the cooker
Please follow ALL the dishwasher instructions CAREFULLY
Walker RoomLarge and small folding tables and chairs, seating up to 30 people
Walker Room – KitchenSome crockery, kettles, teapots, jugs and trays
ScreensThe screen installed is not our property and is locked. If you would like to use it please ask in advance of your booking so we can get permission for you to unlock it and use it.

Please bring your own tea towels and tablecloths, these are not provided.

Food Hygiene

If preparing, serving or selling food you must observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation.

Disposal of Rubbish

There is no facility to leave rubbish on the premises.  You must take any rubbish away at the end of your hire period. This includes the toilet bins.  It is useful to bring garbage bags with you for this purpose.  Otherwise, they may be purchased at the nearby Tesco store.


There is no public telephone on the premises or nearby. Mobile reception is good in the Hall with most providers.

Disabled Facilities

All of the premises including toilets are accessible.

Car Parking

Vehicles brought on to the premises for your event must be parked responsibly and without causing any obstruction to the highway.  You must ensure the car park is used properly and only for parking cars.  The adjacent car park at College Way Surgery is private and not available for hall users.

Our Safeguarding Policy

You must ensure that any activities for children, young people or vulnerable adults are provided by fit and proper persons with relevant checks carried out where appropriate through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). A copy of our full Safeguarding Policy is available here.

Public Safety

In the event of fire you must call the Fire Service by dialing 999 and ensure people leave the premises by the nearest Fire Exit and gather in the far corner of the car park.  The full address of the hall is at the top of these Standards Conditions of Hire

At the commencement of your hire period you should familiarize yourself with the location of firefighting equipment and the location and mode of operation of escape routes.  You should also check that there are no obvious fire hazards and that all escape routes are free of obstruction.

In the Main Hall there are foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers in the front foyer; a foam extinguisher in the hall; and a carbon dioxide extinguisher and a fire blanket in the Kitchen.

In the Walker Room there are foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers and a fire blanket in the Kitchen.

All this equipment is subject to regular maintenance checks but it is essential that you know how to use it properly.  On each extinguisher or blanket there are instructions indicating what type of fire it is suitable for and how to use the appliance.

In order to ensure your confident use of the appliances you should view the following information clips on YouTube:

Carbon dioxide extinguisher:
Foam extinguisher:
Fire blanket:

There are First Aid boxes in the kitchens of both the Main Hall and Walker Room.

In the event of any fire or accident during your hire period you must afterwards give details to our Booking Secretary.


Payment for your hire may be made by either;

  • BACS transfer: Account number 00666620 | Sort code 30-98-45
  • Cheque – made payable to: Comeytrowe Community Hall

The indemnity (casual hirer) and key deposits (regular hirer) will be returned as a cheque.


If you wish to cancel the booking before your event we have discretion to return the deposit or require payment of the full hire fee.

We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement in writing in any of the following circumstances in which case you will be entitled to a refund of any deposit paid but we will not be liable for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages:

  • If the premises are required for use as a Polling Station
  • If we reasonably consider we have been misled in the hiring application
  • If we reasonably believe that your hire will lead to a breach of licensing conditions or other legal or statutory requirements or that unlawful or unsuitable activities will take place
  • If the premises become unfit for your intended use as a result of unforeseen circumstances.
  • If the premises are required for use as a shelter for disaster victims

End of Hire

You are responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition otherwise we may make an additional charge.

The end of session checklist will help you to do this:

  • Wipe clean all table tops
  • Sweep the floor
  • Replace to their usual positions anything which has been temporarily moved during your hire.
  • Close all windows
  • Turn off room heaters
  • Take all refuse away – including any breakages
  • Switch off all lights
  • Ensure all exterior doors are secure
  • Return the key as agreed

Hire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes permission to use the premises in accordance with the Agreement but does not confer any tenancy or right of occupation on you.


Please refer any queries to the Booking Secretary in the first instance.  Contact details are on the Hire Agreement and our website.